Let’s do the Time Warp Again!

It’s Astounding

I spent a couple days last week not enjoying them. I contracted the common cold and I, being a man, turned into a snot-nosed, drawly zombie who’s thirst is quenched only by at least 64oz of orange juice. Three days later I returned to being human. Women seem to have this resilience to work through colds or for them, more aptly named inconveniences. They somehow shrug them off while the germs slowly decay over time all while maintaining their fullest dignity. Conversely my dignity is reduced to carrying a tissue box as an accessory. This isn’t however, a comparison between sexes. It’s about another affliction entirely that befell me during those two arduous days. Time Warp.

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The First Step

The desire to lead came about four years ago. A responsibility of mine was mentoring an entry-level person on the same team. We were around the same age and got along great and our relationship deepened when they expressed interest in the next level. Side note: I rebuke the phrase “I don’t have time to train you.” It makes me cringe even writing it. It’s a flawed assumption with zero gain. Knowing this, I jumped at the chance to support someone else’s goals. Over the next few weeks we worked out what’s been working, what can be learned, and the steps for each. Soon we had an action plan that was quickly approved and implemented.

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