You Are What You Think

Base Camp

If I were to ask you who knows you best or who you always confide in, who would you name? Would it be your significant other? Perhaps your best friend or a parent? It could be a certain four-legged member of your family with the largest listening ears. I know my mutt has heard many of my own monologues. Whoever came to mind, I can say it is incorrect.

We confide the most in the one person who we’re stuck with. Ourselves. Mostly left unsaid, our self-talk can dictate our mood and confidence and repeated self-talk, over time, becomes not just inner ramblings but how we generally view ourselves. Said differently, what our self-worth is.

For what it’s worth, pun intended, we’re all indispensable. In the physical sense, you are made of matter and therefore you matter in the metaphorical sense. Being told you matter can give us a shot of confidence for a time but for the feeling to be perpetual, you need to wholly believe it so much that when you’re on the precipice of a downward spiral, you can pull yourself back with your own self-talk.

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Morphing Mistakes into Motion

Mistakes Will Be Made

It is inevitable you will make a mistake. And another, and another. The consequences will range from miniscule to nuclear meltdown. You can anticipate where mistakes may happen, account for them in a timeline, but the specifics such as where, when, and how are shrouded in mystery. Agonizing over a situation that is a guaranteed unknown leads to anxiety – an anticipatory emotion with it’s own dangerous side effects. The positive? The sooner we accept mistakes will happen, the sooner we can prepare for what comes next. How to react.

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