Show Up for Joy

Happiness is a temporary emotion. It is fulfilling yet fleeting. Contrary to this, lives Joy. An effervescent feeling that is powerful and enduring. Joy runs as the undercurrent of life that pushes up other emotions to the surface increasing their intensity. Excitement turns to exhilaration. Giggles give way to belly laughs. Appreciation evolves to gratitude.

The catalyst for joy is doing what you love. When you’re there, there is an effortlessness to it. A singular thought of “This feels great, for me, right now” but that is only the ignition. Life can pull us away, dousing our joy. In order to maintain it, we need to increase the frequency of doing the things we love. Do it more often and you’ll find the feeling persists long after the physical act. We overflow with serotonin, the happy chemical, and it spills into the not-so-loving parts of life. The joy that we sit in day in and day out, relives us of the pressures of “doing more” and allows us a small reprieve of contentment.