Behind the Blog

Showing Up means making the conscious effort to better yourself in every role you embody. I know that one’s emotional well-being is more important to showing up than the physical action alone. Recognizing your tendencies and naming your emotions is critically important to how you move through life. It can produce confidence, joy, and resilience. Within a company, it can produce tangible outputs yet so much focus is put on getting the work done and not enough on WHO is doing the work.

Showing Up is my daily mantra. It is my reminder to be present, embrace emotions, and learn. We Can Show Up is about doing it together.

About Me…

A millennial by birth. Married high school sweetheart. NC State University alum. Dogs are better. Introvert. Avid video gamer. Reader, writer, puzzler. Lover of all things Disney. Great days need great food – ice cream required. Broadway enthusiast.