Speed Walking is for Leaders

Setting the right pace with proper vision requires a balance between the extremes.

Run too fast, and the team won’t keep up leading to burnout for them and yourself. Speedsters focus too much on the finish line. They see the horizon clear as day but their peripherals are blurred unable to see their team falling behind.

Strolling pulls the energy down. Progress is grueling and teams are unable to maintain enthusiasm. Dawdlers look at their feet and while they never trip, they can’t see the goal even if they squint. They lack decision-making and purpose. The team expends all their energy not by moving forward but walking in circles.

Leaders are speed-walkers. The pace is slow enough for clarity, to see when others need support, but fast enough to keep the team dedicated to the cause and because of this the team moves as a group. Their vision is set somewhere between the horizon and the ground. It is realistic, not blurred or intangible. Leaders can point to it and say “There it is, let’s go get it, together.”

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