Show Up Sunday – Can Bad News be Worth It?

On the daily, we’re inundated with information. Casual conversations, TV, social media are all sources of information but some are cast in darker shadows. In these “I’ve got bad news for you” moments our body braces, senses heighten. Hearing less than good news or living through unforeseen circumstances can be overwhelming but I believe in every bit of bad news, there is something to be gained.

The Value of Finding Meaning

Once we’ve moved through the initial reaction, we have to decide how to handle the rest. How well you do that is dependent on how well you find meaning. Bad news shouldn’t be taken at face value. Over time, we can make peace with what’s happened by understanding the lesson, the positive subsequent events, and the resulting resilience you’ve earned from it.

"This is the Sign You've Been Looking For." A reminder to look for the silver lining.
Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

I’m not a dweller and can move through my emotions relatively quick which I’m grateful for. One of the ways that helps me is imagining the different person I’ll be after going through an event. How would the ideal me react? What will I learn from it? If I can visualize it, I know it can be true and move towards that reality. You may think this is only when the news affects you and your life but you’d be wrong. When someone tells you rough news about them, you become a supporter. Asking these same questions of them can help you navigate the course together. What could they learn? How will they look on the other end? How can I help them see that?

I hope you don’t but if you run into unfortunate events or hear of someone that has, look inwards to find meaning. I don’t believe everything happens for a reason but I do believe everything is meaningful. Life doesn’t play favorites. Time gives us acceptance but discovering the meaning in whatever form presents itself gives us transformation.

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