Show Up Sunday – Gratitude

Gratitude. As cliché as this word can be, especially around holidays, very few practice it regularly. Yet, taking time to reflect on what’s going well allows us to be in the present and combats the negativity so prevalent in our news and social media. However, expressing gratitude can feel awkward and uncomfortable in the workplace.

One reason for this is that we hardly see it. Gratitude can’t propagate within a team without an example, something to emulate from. It takes courage to be the first. It may not come out right the first few times and that’s ok.

I have felt almost childish at times, lacking finesse with my tone being too “Great job, have a cookie!” I have found using specifics help professionalize my tone. Additionally, being specific is more meaningful. It shows you payed attention and are being purposeful. Here are some starter sentences.

“Great job speaking up when you…”

“I appreciate how you…”

“What is great about you is…”

“Thank you for…”

If you’re not ready to verbally do it, write it down. You don’t have to share it. Let’s make a goal this week to show, or record, gratitude at least seven times, once a day.

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