The Roots of All Personal Growth: Learning

“Showing Up” is representative of my approach each day. While it’s a great motivator, underneath is where the action is. Learning comes first. It is a building block for growth and without it leaves you in a place of complacency and monotony. For me, staying curious is the best way to learn. I define curiosity as investing energy to learn or understand a deeper meaning. When curious, we seek knowledge not an answer. There is joy in the process. It’s about knowing that the unknown exists and stepping into the dark.

In this spirit of learning, here’s what I’ve come to known early in my career:

Sometimes the best option is to walk away…and come back. Spending time internalizing a situation creates options. Distance creates perspective.

Unproductive meetings are one of my pressure points. In this context, I support Parkinson’s Law. Don’t schedule an hour if it’s not needed. An agenda and a clear purpose is mandatory.

What kind of leader I don’t want to be. As a leader in spirit and practice, observing behaviors from others in position have shaped the my own vision.

Excel. A lot of Excel.

Ask questions. They mean you’re learning.

I’ve learned the best days are spent teaching, developing tools, and understanding others. I’m consistently diving into how an environment affects people’s emotions. I’m drawn to the emotional intricacies of people at work and it drives my curiosity – and curiosity begets learning.

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